Frequently Asked Questions

What is StockSignals?

StockSignals is an independent signal service. Members receive a signal if a stock probably starts a new trend up or down. Members can copy our option trades. We use options, to profit in both directions and for leverage.

Why StockSignals?
The interest on your savings account is 0%. This means you have to search for other ways. Options trading is option!

What do I get as member of StockSignals?
We scan Wallstreet (Nasdaq, Dow Jones, SP& 500 companies) for new swing trade signals. A signal is when the stock price is probably starting a new trend up or down. Our trades have a duration of 1-14 days. We send between 0 and 5 new signals per month, depending on market conditions.

If we made an option trade, we send you which kind of option trade we have made and our stop loss and price target. 

At the end of each trade you receive by e-mail our profit or loss.

What are the profits or losses on your signals?
In uptrends with stocks profits can go up to 5% per swing trade. On option trades profits can go up to 100% per trade!
There will also be trades with losses. We recommend to use good Money Management.

How does the Stop Loss work?
To minimize the losses, we recommend you use our Stop Loss level, which we communicate in every trade. Best is to look at the end of day price, if the price at close meets (or is going to meet) the Stop Loss prive, then get out.

How much money do I need to use your service?
I does not matter how big your account is, this service works for small and big accounts. But still remember to allocate a reasonable account, as stocks and options still remain high risk investments due to unforeseen (political) news. Paper trade if you are a beginner or new. 

Do you guarantee to make profit each trade?
We strongly recommend to set a Stop Loss and Profit Target on each trade. We are an independent information service, not a broker or bank. We don't guarantee a trade will make a profit. Trading is a high risk investment. We can't predict facts like news and politics. Our methodology is to search for 1:2 Risk Reward trades, meaning you risk 1 USD to make a profit of 2 USD. In this way you could make profit with a minimum of 50% winning trades.

What is the pricing to become a member?
Our monthly membership fee is 99 USD. We renew automatically your membership monthly. You can cancel your membership by e-mailing to When you cancel you pay till the end of the current period. 

How do I receive the signals?
After login you see the latest signals. You receive an e-mail when a trend is probably starting and an e-mail if it's probably over. We also inform you about our trade.

What kind of stocks you alert on?
We alert on stocks of big Wallstreet companies listed at NYSE, NASDAQ or Dow Jones. We choose for bigger companies, because options and stocks of big companies are more liquid, so you can buy and sell them more easily with a good bid and ask spread.

Examples : Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Alibaba, Amazon, Verizon, VISA, Walt Disney, McDonalds, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Starbucks, JP Morgan, Tesla, Paypal, etc

We don't send signals for forex, cryptocurrencies or penny stocks. 

How do I trade?
You need to have an account at a bank or broker and allowed to trade on stocks and options. Search for a bank or broker in your country. Big brokers for stocks and options in the United States are Ameritrade, Etrade and Interactive Brokers. If you are new we encourage you to start paper trading. 

Can you explain quickly how to trade options and what your trade means?
The advantage of trading options over stocks is the possibility of higher gain in shorter time and also the possibility to profit when the stockprice goes down.
We signal you which option we have bought.

Example of an option trade : LULU C 18 JAN 2019 135,00 @ 12,50

LULU = Ticker (company Lululemon)

C = Call Option (if you buy a call option, you expect price will go up)

18 JAN 2019 = expiry date, after that date the option has no value, so sell it before this date. We recommend to use average 5 weeks from today when entering a trade  due to time decay mostly when arriving at expiry date.

135,00 = Strike Price. In your trading platform you see a lot of strike prices. We recommend to buy at the money options (Actual price is around Strike Price) or slightly in the money options (Current price is a bit above the Strike Price). This is because of high possible reward.

@12,50 = The price (USD) per option. 1 option contract is always 100 options. So your investment is 100 x 12,50 = 1250 USD plus brokerage fees (usually between 1 and 3 USD per contract, so around 2 USD).  Option prices change every millisecond during market opening hours and depends on bid and ask prices at this moment. Bid is what people are willing to pay, Ask is what sellers are asking for the option contract. When Bid and Ask meet, then there is a trade.

When you sell your option later for let's say 25 USD per option, then your profit is 25 x 100 = 2500 minus 2 brokerage fees buying minus 2 fee selling minus 1250 investment = 1246 USD profit on an investment of 1250. The stock was up for let's say 5%, but the call option 99%. This is what we mean by leverage.

Educate yourself wisely about option trading, there are a lot of books and sites about option trading. We are here to make it easier for you. Paper trade at least 3 months if you are new to options trading! Choose a trading platform with low option brokerage fees!

Or just trades stocks 
If options are too complex for you, no problem, you can still use !

You can buy stocks when we send a buy signal. But do nothing when we send a sell signal as you can only profit trading stocks when prices go up.